"Baila" means Woman in Konkani (a Language used in the state of Goa in India). "Digital Baila" is an effort to mobilize and engage digitally the local women of all cities and villages across Goa. It is a partnership at the grassroots level between Village Organization (VO), SGH (Self Help Group) and SparkPlus Technologies, where VO/SHG brings the knowledge and SparkPlus Technology brings technology talent to bring about positive impact to the community of Goa using technology.
Our founder was born and raised in Siolim, Goa. Over 23 years ago after his education he left Goa to work abroad. During his visit back in March 2018, he met with local youth and local women and got excited to see in them the entrepreneurship and desire to do more. Inspired and wanting to see locals succeed and have opportunities that he did, he decided to nurture some local talent in Technology and march towards his vision to help Goa be the next IT hub like Pune and other cities in India. To begin with, we developed a technology based solution to help Goa with the first HOME MAINTENANCE platform that will allow all Goans, foreigners, 2nd home owners, and hoteliers to connect serve at ONE STOP for all their home needs. Our focus is to give Goans more opportunity to stand on their feet and work in the area that they are passionate about. Next, we heard about SHG (Self Help Group) in Siolim and decided to meet the leader to see if they will be interested in taking small type of work from GHS so we can help them generate more business through our platform. During our meeting, our founder saw how the tedious manual work being performed by this group. He got engaged with GHS and VO leaders to understand more about the process. He learnt that government is trying to develop some platform for SHG but it’s not coming soon. The VO and SHG requested our founder to help them be digital. He was not happy to see how this group is not supported by Government and decided to self invest and do it as a non-profit for the community and specially for the place that he was born (Siolim).
The SHG process is a heavily laden with documentation and involves plenty of form filling and paperwork. Digital Baila is an effort to eliminate all use of paper and go paperless. Digital Baila is a smart platform and mobile App that has the capability to display data and information in real-time, unlike the old paper based system. The core objective of Digital Baila is to improve the livelihood of thousands of women in the state of Goa. With Digital Baila the women can find customers, business partners, and job opportunities for their family members and many more. They can even get a loan sanctioned and disbursed within few days.
The members can increase reach for their product(s)/service(s). The members have to enter their SHG Membership details correctly.
The President gets to see real-time information of their respective SHGs. She now needs to carry minimal physical documents to meetings with VO and BRP. All the necessary details are available handy digitally.
The Secretary's main role is bookkeeping. This platform helps her in maintaining records accurately and keeps it current and relevant. She also does not have to carry minimal physical documentation.
The Treasurer's main role is to ensure that the individual members have paid their contribution to their SHG Group. She can quickly check the status of payment of members. She can now efficiently send reminders to those members who have not paid. The members also get notified of their pending payments.
The Chairperson has access to details of her Group. She does not need the inputs of other leaders such as Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers of various Groups. All the details necessary for the Chairperson's functioning are available on the login console.
The VO has access to details of her Organization. She does not need the inputs of Chairpersons of various Groups. All the details necessary for the VO's functioning are available on the login console.
You have to be member of a SHG group to get access. You can request the group Secretary to create an access for you. The Secretary will generate a username and password for you.
This platform will not allow to get direct access to schemes. This platform will not have reconciliation with bank and the passbook. The Platform does not allow user to access the data beyond her role.
The President has access to details of her Group. However, it is limited to the functions of the role of the President. For example, she does not have the control to create a member and only the Secretary has the rights to create a member.
The Secretary has features limited to her role. She does not have access to details of money or see from the top like the President.
The Treasurer's role is limited to maintaining financial records of her Group. For example, she does not have access to bookkeeping and creating members records, which the Secretary has.
The Chairperson has access to details of her Group. However, it is limited to the functions of the role of the Chairperson.
The VO does not have access to information outside of her Organization.
SHG Members, President, Secretary, Treasurer, VO Chairperson, and BRP
It is designed based on top down hierarchy and specific data is accessible to a specific role only. There is no generalization.
Member can enter her own details and view her progress within the SHG System such as attendance, livelihood, Savings, etc.
Leaders get details about their organization in real-time. For e.g., a new member can be immediately approved and will be visible and can start using the system instantaneously.
Data will be saved on the cloud which is a secured database not normally accessible to unknown people. It's a trustable place for storing data.
SPARKREX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED will pay for the hosting until government or any government assigned entity take over this platform.
Generally no information is shared. All sensitive data (if any) are encrypted and not accessible to anyone. However, information such as savings, attendance and basic profile information is shared based on role requirement.
Sparkrex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will provide support in terms of keeping Digital Baila to be available online at all times and also provide hands-on training on Digital Baila to SHG Members until government or government assigned entity take over this platform.
If there are any changes to the current SHG process, they will be immediately updated to the system so that Digital Baila remains always current, fresh and meeting the goal of empowering women.
This platform is a non profit, does not make money for itself, but it helps the SHG Members make money for their livelihood.
There is no limit to the number of users.
We plan to support at the early engagement for few years until VO and government or government assigned entity take over this platform.
The SHG Community shall select a representative to liaise between SPARKREX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED and the SHG Groups, whom SPARKREX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED shall train, and handover control and credentials, if such a need may arise.
Sparkrex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed and fully invested in this platform. The business knowledge and product features are done with collaboration with VO and SHG leaders.